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品牌: Gates Model: 90-10-802
[說明] Gates Alexa 攝影機防水盒 for Arri Alexa EV, XT, SXT, XT Plus, SXT Plus, LF 價格不包含鏡頭罩與銀幕! 請個別選擇您所需要的鏡頭罩與銀幕!! [特色] 堅固耐用 包含外接銀幕防水盒 (外接銀幕選購) 完整配件支援 超過70種PL mount鏡頭支援 可調整握把 可現場維修設計 簡潔設計 高品質精準光學鏡頭罩(無暗角) 2年保固 可調整浮力裝置 氣密測漏系統 SEAL ..
品牌: Gates Model: 10-10-997
[說明] The Gates AX100 combines UHD resolution with a platform dedicated to underwater motion imaging: Instant auto focus tracks subjects; internal color correction flip filter; a big window for a clear view of the camera LCD viewfinder; compact, lightweight for travel; and an extraordinary 20MP s..
品牌: Gates Model: 0155-10-501
[說明] Gates AX700 / Z90 攝影機防水盒為專屬三台Sony新攝影機搭配使用:  FDR-AX700, HXR-NX80, PXW-Z90  Several assignable buttons for functions like peaking, mode and exposure shift; Popular one-touch white balance via assignables. Fast Hybrid Auto Focus with Sony phase and contrast detect..
品牌: Gates Model: 90-10-601A
[Description] Legend   Like it’s compact predecessor C500, the new Gates C300 MKII Housing is designed specifically to close fit the Canon EOS C300 MKII camera.  That means it’s small and travel friendly. Cinema caliber   The C300 MKII Housing shares many features ..
品牌: Gates Model: 90-10-601
[Description] Compact 4K Digital Cinema Underwater Imaging Specifically designed for the Canon EOS C300 and C500 cameras, the Gates C500 housing is the latest in underwater imaging for TV and big screen productions.  The CC500 shares many features with its cinema cousins including full ..
品牌: Gates Model: 10-10-994
 [Description] The Gates CX760 housing is the latest in the Gates family of easy underwater HD video housings. With a full 24 megapixel sensor, the CX760 captures superb HD video and still images, too. The camera LCD is your big, built-in viewfinder, and Gates Precision ports provide..
品牌: Gates Model: 90-10-503
[Description] Compatible cameras: RED SCARLET, EPIC and EPIC DRAGON Controls (All Mechanical) Power Record/Standby Iris REDMOTE Controller (all functions)  Manual Iris Manual Focus Assignable Buttons 1/2 Dimensions ..
品牌: Gates Model: 90-10-501
[說明] Compatible cameras: RDCC EPIC® or Scarlet® Cameras Controls (All Mechanical) Power Record/Standby Iris REDMOTE Controller (all functions)  Manual Iris Manual Focus Assignable Buttons 1/2 尺寸 Basic Shel..
品牌: Gates Model: 0205-10-502
[說明] Gates Deep Komodo 攝影機防水盒 for RED DIGITAL CINEMA KOMODO 價格不包含鏡頭罩與銀幕! 請個別選擇您所需要的鏡頭罩與銀幕!! [特色] 完整的控制 專用直接連接攝影機的控制模組,Iris 旋鈕,選單瀏覽與4組可指定的功能,可透過 Gates COMMAND / CONTROL 模組控制 (可現場升級韌體 KOMODO™ firmware evolves). 外加 12 個 ATOMOS LCD 觸碰銀幕控制  清楚,不複雜,可靠的設計 Gates 設計哲學:&nb..
品牌: Gates Model: 90-10-503/90-25-127
[說明] Gates Deep Weapon 攝影機防水盒 for RED DIGITAL CINEMA DSMC and DSMC2 Camera Platforms 價格不包含鏡頭罩與銀幕! 請個別選擇您所需要的鏡頭罩與銀幕!! [特色] 超耐用: 鋁合金機械加工,黑色III型硬陽極氧化表面處理,並採用醋酸鎳工藝密封 包含外接銀幕防水盒 可選: * RPT7 for RED PRO TOUCH 7" LCD * RTB7 for RED TOUCH ULTRABRIGHT 7" LCD * RT47 for RED..
品牌: Gates Model: 50-25-090B
[特色] 寬銀幕 Big 4.3in / 110mm active matrix color LCD 長使用時間 Indicator lets you know when power is running low. 2 年保固 Only Gates offers a 2-year renewable warranty on all housings.   ..
品牌: Gates Model: 75-10-402
[說明] Gates EX1R 防水盒 for Sony PMW-EX1R 價格不包含鏡頭罩! 請個別選擇您所需要的鏡頭罩!! [特色] 堅固耐用 "Bulletproof" machined aluminum, black type III 'hard' anodize finish and sealed with a nickel-acetate process.   外接銀幕 With the EM43 hi-res color monitor, HD framing a..
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