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Sea&Sea YS-D3 Strobe Sea&Sea YS-D3 Strobe
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INON AD Lens Holder

Price: US$50
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Model: 4562121431850
Manufacturer: INON

INON AD Lens Holder
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AD Lens Holder is attached on Arm body for carrying maximum two of AD mount series attachment lens. AD Lens Holder gives easy access to another AD lens underwater and helps to carry without possible dropping off. You can choose single or double carriage configuration when you install the accessory on your Arm system.

■ Compatible Arm / Grip Base

[Double Side]

   Arm SS Body, Arm S Body, Arm M Body, Arm L Body,

   YS Arm MS Body, YS Arm M Body

[Single Side: only one unit can be attached]

   Grip Base D4(別途、オプションの「Dホルダー延長バー」が必要です)

   Grip Base M1(別途、オプションの「Dホルダー延長バー」が必要です)

   D Holder(別途、オプションの「Dホルダー延長バー」が必要です)

   Grip Base DIII w/ Rubber Grip

   Grip Base DII w/ Rubber Grip


■ Weight: 37.5g (1.3oz) [air] / approx. 12g (0.4oz) [underwater] <Single Side>

              : 56.7g (2.0oz) [air] / approx. 18g (0.6oz) [underwater] <Double Side>

*Maximum number of AD Lens Holder Arm SS: 1, Arm S: 1, Arm M: 2, Arm L: 3

**AD Lens Holder on Arm S. Arm S is sold separately.

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