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Weefine WFL13 Underwater Achromatic Close-up Lens (+18 diopter, Magnification 3x)

Price: US$269
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Model: WFL13
Manufacturer: Weefine

Weefine WFL13 Underwater Achromatic Close-up Lens (+18 diopter, Magnification 3x)
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◆ WEEFINE WFL13 is a premium underwater close-up lens. It comes with a +18 diopter (Air and Underwater) in optical power and allow the close-up shooting in a very short object distance (30mm – 53mm).

◆ WFL13 is designed by 3 high quality optical glasses with an achromatic doublet. This achromatic combination helps to reduce the axle chromatic aberration.

◆ All glass lenses have been coated with Broadband Anti-Reection (BBAR) Coating. Each lens surface is guaranteed to provide less than 0.5% reectivity over the visible spectrum (420nm – 680nm).

◆ All lens edges and spacer of WFL13 had been treated by matte nish. To avoid internal reection and ghost image.

◆ The M67 X P0.75 thread mount allows the lens mounting directly on the camera waterproof housing with the same female thread mount. User can also attach the lens with suitable step-up or step-down ring.

◆ It is recommended to use natural light, external strobe or video light with the WFL13. The camera built-in ash may be blocked by the lens and causes partial underexposed image.


◆ WFL13 is an underwater close-up lens for high power macro shooting. To get the maximum magnication, it is recommended to set the camera lens to the telephoto end or choose a long focal length camera lens.

◆ Vignetting would occur at wide end setting. Use the zoom function on the camera and zoom in until the dark corner disappear.

◆ The thread mount on the lens is possible to remove and would not cause any damage to the lens. But only replace the thread mount when the thread is worn or bruised.


  • Lens Construction 3 elements; 3 groups
  • Compatible Camera (Up to) Sensor Size: 18mm X 13.5mm
  • Diopter (Underwater Focal length): +18 (55.2mm)
  • Focusing Range: 30mm - 53mm
  • Max. Magnication: 3x
  • Glass / Coating: Optical Glass / Multi-Layer BBAR Coating
  • Lens Barrel: Aluminum with Type II Anodizing
  • Mounting: M67 X P0.75
  • Dimension: Ø 72 X 32mm
  • Weight: 300g(Air) 125g(Underwater)
  • Depth Rate: 60m (197ft)


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