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Brand: Gates Model: 90-10-802
[Description] Integrity, reliability and image quality define the Gates ALEXA Housing and the entire family of ARRI ALEXA cameras. This workhorse system supports hundreds of PL mount lenses including Master Primes, Ultra Primes,  and anamorphics. The seasoned professional will recognize Gat..
Brand: Gates Model: 0155-10-501
[Description] The AX700 / Z90 Housing is designed for three new Sony cameras:  FDR-AX700, HXR-NX80, and PXW-Z90 models.  Support for all three brings professional caliber features to the AX700 / Z90 not found in DSLR or mirrorless systems. Several assignable buttons for functio..
Brand: Gates Model: 90-10-503
[Description] Compatible cameras: RED SCARLET, EPIC and EPIC DRAGON Controls (All Mechanical) Power Record/Standby Iris REDMOTE Controller (all functions)  Manual Iris Manual Focus Assignable Buttons 1/2 Dimensions ..
Brand: Gates Model: 90-10-501
[Description] Compatible cameras: RDCC EPIC® or Scarlet® Cameras Controls (All Mechanical) Power Record/Standby Iris REDMOTE Controller (all functions)  Manual Iris Manual Focus Assignable Buttons 1/2 Dimensio..
Brand: Gates Model: gates_dd_to_dr
[Description] Deep Epic / Deep Dragon / Deep Weapon --> Deep RAPTOR (DR) compatible with DSMC3 and previous RED DSMC and DSMC2 cameras. Benefits: The DR upgrade preserves your investment.  No need to purchase a new housing. Once upgraded, DR remains a versatile workhors..
Brand: Gates Model: 0205-10-502
[Description] RESULTS.  RELIABILITY.  DEEP KOMODO. DEEP KOMODO is everything you expect from GATES:   Simple, reliable, "bulletproof".   2 year warranty, legendary global support.  Seal Check peace of mind.   Gates plug-and-play Precision Port and..
Brand: Gates Model: 90-10-503/90-25-127
[Description] 8K DIGITAL CINEMA UNDERWATER IMAGING DEEP WEAPON is the fitting next step of Gates workhorse underwater digital cinema systems.  DEEP RED, DEEP EPIC, and DEEP DRAGON are precursors to the latest resolution evolution: underwater 8K.  DEEP WEAPON is backward compatible ..
Brand: Gates Model: 90-10-801
[Description] High Speed 4K Underwater Imaging  Designed specifically for the Phantom Flex 4K camera, the Gates Flex 4K housing provides underwater imaging at 4K resolution and an unprecedented 960 fps. Fast action sequences like predation and feeding are a super slow motion delight. De..
Brand: Gates Model: gates_me20
[Description] The new Gates ME20 Housing system is designed to push the boundaries of underwater motion imaging, revealing natural bioluminescence, moonlit reefs, dark caves and other light challenged scenes without the aid of additional, artificial lighting.  Such breakthrough imaging is e..
Brand: Gates Model: 90-10-804
[Description] Specifically designed for the ARRI ALEXA Mini camera, the Gates MINI is a deeply integrated marine imaging system, blurring the lines between housing and camera. Twelve user-assignable controls interface directly with the ARRI Mini allowing access to frequently used functions like ..
Brand: Gates Model: 0105-10-510
[Description] GATES MINI LF HOUSING: THE UNDERWATER IMAGING CHAMELEON Cinema, TV, Natural History, whatever:  configure the MINI LF Housing to suit your needs.  Diver independent operation or complete surface DP control.  Virtually any lens, cinema / anamorphic / DSLR.  8..
Brand: Gates Model: 0200-10-501
[Description] Gates NVS Underwater Monitor Housing (Atomos NINJA V, SHINOBI) COMPATIBLE HOUSINGS: ARRI ALEXA MINI / MINI LF    ARRI ALEXA   DEEP WEAPON   SONY Z90 1000 nits bright LCD.  4K/60P recording in ProRes RAW.   Extensive focus / expos..
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