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Brand: Ultralight Model: AC-H
[Description] Handle with Ball with rubber grip To mount to single or double trays, or TR-IK, TR-SBLD trays and Nikonos pivots...
Brand: Ultralight Model: AC-HQD
[Description] Handle with Ball with rubber grip (quick disconnect) To mount to single or double trays, or TR-IK, TR-SBLD trays and Nikonos pivots...
Brand: Ultralight Model: AC-NB
[Description] It can be used to attach the focus light on the arms. Will fit on any one of our parts on the neck under the ball. (Sorry will not work on the arms and adapters that Ikelite makes.) [Pictures] The following pictures are demo. The clamps and lights are optionals...
Brand: Ultralight Model: AD-125
[Description] ■ AD-125: for Ikelite DS-125, DS-160, 50, MS, MV, DS-50, DS-51..
Brand: Ultralight Model: AD-1420
[Description] For use with that size hole (i.e. Sartek lights or Gates housings)..
Brand: Ultralight Model: AD-HS
[Description] Fits in the shoe on some point shoots, Sea&Sea and Nexus housings, for attachement of a clamp and a spotting light adaptor. ULTRALIGHT is not responsible for any damage caused to camera's cold shoes as a result of using one of these adapters. No damage should occur u..
Brand: Ultralight Model: DB
[Description] Double ball arm segments DB-03 - very short arm, look like small dumbells, used for macro photography (3'') DB-05 - short arm, used for macro photography (5'') DB-08 - medium length arm, used for macro or wide angle photography (8&..
Brand: Ultralight Model: SBSS-8
[Description] Single ball arm segments - allows you to use one less clamp in the arm set; but reduces flexibility at the strobe head or base SBSS-5 - Single ball 5” arm with a Sea and Sea strobe adapter at the other end SBSS-8 - Single ball 8” arm with a Sea and Sea str..
Brand: Ultralight Model: TR-D
[Description] Digital single tray for most Polycarbonate housings Tray Only, the Grip TR-DHB is optional...
Brand: Ultralight Model: TR-DHB
[Description] TR-DH handle with ball attached (BA-HB ball adapter) Grip Only, the tray TR-D is optional...
Brand: Ultralight Model: TR-DUPL
[Description] Longer upgrade piece to make your single tray a double tray. Uses handle AC-H or AD-3816-2 A longer version upgrade TR-DUPL can be added for a larger housing, this upgrade piece will only accept the AC-H handle. This allows you to move the handle right or left for your personal..
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