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Brand: Ikelite Model: 5510.58
[Description] Port Extensions can be added to any Port Body and Dome or Flat Assembly combination to extend the overall length of the port. #5510.50 0.75" (1.9cm) Extension #5510.54 1.25" (3.1cm) Extension #5510.58 1.75" (4.4cm) Extension Extension length..
Brand: Ikelite Model: 5510.45
[Description] Ikelite 8" Dome Port Assembly #5510.45 Ikelite acrylic domes are injection molded specifically for underwater photography, and represent the finest optics in the industry. Domes are recommended for 28mm and wider lenses. Please refer to Modular Port System for SLR and ..
Brand: Ikelite Model: 6403
[Description] Ikelite DC3 6 Inch Dome for Compact Housings which enable shooting split shots (half-in, half-out of the water) with your compact digital system. Please check the DC Dome Port Compatibility Chart first before ordering. [Features] Underwater, the dome corre..
Brand: Ikelite Model: 75344
[Description] Ikelite DL Compact 8 inch Dome Port [Features] A low volume dome which provides similar image quality to our standard 8” dome port in with a reduced size ideal for close focus wide angle and great for travel. [What's included] Dome port Dom..
Brand: Ikelite Model: 5510.24
[Description] Ikelite Extended Zoom Port Body Lenses up to 4.150" with Flat or 4.250" with Dome Please refer to Modular Port System for SLR and dSLR housings for more information..
Brand: Ikelite Model: 5510.22
[Description] The #5510.16 and #5510.22 are the most common Port Bodies for popular wide-angle lenses. Both accept port extensions to accommodate longer macro and zoom lenses. for Nikon 12-24mm Port Body or Canon 10-22mm Port Body (with #5510.45 dome assembly sold separately) for L..
Brand: Ikelite Model: 5510.35
[Description] Ikelite Flat Port Assembly #5510.35 Due to refraction flat ports reduce the angle-of-coverage of a lens and at the same time enlarge the image, ideal for shooting small subjects with a standard, macro or zoom lens. Note that if a port is long enough to accommodate the full leng..
Brand: Ikelite Model: 5510.28
[Description] Ikelite Nikon 18-135mm Port Body, Lenses up to 5.000" with Flat or 5.100" with Dome Please refer to Modular Port System for SLR and dSLR housings for more information..
Brand: Ikelite Model: 6430.3
[Description] Ikelite WD-3 Wide Angle Dome (for G7XMK3) [Specification] Magnification 0.75x 200 ft (60 m) depth rating Optical grade acrylic Slightly positive buoyancy in fresh water Weighs 5.9 oz (168 g) 4" diameter x 1.7" length (101 x 43 mm) [Wh..
Brand: Ikelite Model: 6430.4
[Description] The new WD-4 Wide Angle Conversion Dome provides all of the benefits of a dome port underwater without the limitations. The WD-4 simply slides onto the standard port of the Ikelite housing— no modification to or replacement of the housing's original port is necessary...
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