Gates 開始提供 DEEP EPIC to DEEP RAPTOR 升級服務,詳情請洽 [email protected]



Once again, Gates is protecting your ROI. This is the third upgrade path from the original DEEP EPIC housing to DEEP DRAGON to DEEP WEAPON and now to DEEP RAPTOR (DR).  Once upgraded DR is compatible with previous RED cameras.  Your success is our success. 


  • The DR upgrade preserves your investment.  No need to purchase a new housing.
  • Once upgraded, DR continues to be a versatile workhorse, compatible with RED DSCM3,  DSMC2 (Raven / Weapon / Scarlet-W, Weapon, Monstro) and original DSMC platform (Scarlet / Epic / Dragon).
  • Upgrade includes a new EM503 high bright External Monitor housing.


What’s included in the Upgrade:

  • GCC replacement of REDMOTE Controller cabled interface with new Gates Command / Control (GCC) Module.  A robust, reliable electronic interface to all camera functions. 
  • DSMC3 Camera Mount adapter.  Positions DSMC3 perfectly for use with traditional PL mount / Canon EF mount /  Nikon F mount lenses, and newer Canon RF mount lenses, like the LAOWA 9 / 12 / 15 Zero-D super compact primes.
  • External Monitor. The new EM503 External Monitor housing – designed specifically for SmallHD 503 UltraBright LCD – is required and included for use with DEEP RAPTOR.  If currently owned, Gates NVS External Monitor w/Shinobi SDI LCD is also compatible, but custom modifications may apply.
  • Master Power / Control. DD upgrade also includes a master power box, distributing battery power to all system components – RED DSMC3, EM503, GCC, and legacy R/S circuit.   


RED Equipment Required for DEEP DSMC3:

  • DSMC3:  Camera (No modules)  Recording media, V-Lock battery. SmallHD 503 or Shinobi SDI LCD, as appropriate.
  • DSMC / DSMC2.  Camera.  Base Expander Module (SKU 720-0033).  REDMAG media.  V-Lock Battery.  Supported RED LCD

Upgrade Kit Price:

  • $TBD USD. 



  • Can I use existing RED External Monitors e.g. RTB7 or RT47?   Unfortunately, no.  RED LCD’s compatible with DSMC2 are not so with DSMC3.
  • What about Pro Action or Pro Explore upgrades?  Rest assured.  Details forthcoming.  Lots in the works. 
  • When can I get my DEEP WEAPON upgraded to DEEP RAPTOR? TBD. Soon.  Global parts shortages are affecting us, too.  More to follow on this topic.