INON confirmed GoPro 10 is compatible with SD Front Mask for GoPro HERO9, UFL-G140SD and UCL-G165SD

We have confirmed that INON accessories usable/designed for GoPro HERO9 are usable for HERO10 as well.

Since HERO10 optics is identical to HERO9, performance of INON attachment lenses (field of view, minimum focus distance) is same.

Variety of INON adapters, tray, arms, tripod are ready to use via SD Front Mask for HERO9/M67 Filter Adapter for HERO9.

[Combination example of INON accessories and HERO10]

Left, center left: SD Front Mask for HERO9 on HERO10

Center right: UFL-G140 SD semi-fisheye lens on HERO10

Right: UCL-G165 SD wide close-up lens on HERO10