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INON X-2 Holder III Spacer

Price: US$32
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Model: 4562121439191
Manufacturer: INON

INON X-2 Holder III Spacer
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The X-2 Holder III Spacer is an adapter to attach INON Holder III on INON X-2 series housing.  This adapter is designed to locate the Holder III at ideal position to hold back side of the right hand when installed and total weight gets less if left handle is not required as this configuration does not need a base tray.

Compatible product

X-2 series housing

- X-2 for EOS10D
- X-2 for EOS10D BK
- X-2 for EOS20D
- X-2 for EOS20D BK
- X-2 for EOS20D BK(TM)
- X-2 for EOS30D BK(TM)
- X-2 for EOS50D/40D
- X-2 for EOS60D
- X-2 for EOS70D
- X-2 for EOS6D
- X-2 for EOS80D 

● Arm system

- Holder III
- Holder II (*3)

INON X-2 Holder III Spacer
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