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Sea&Sea M52 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens #52120

Price: US$300
Availability: 7 - 10 Days
Model: 52120
Manufacturer: Sea&Sea

Sea&Sea M52 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens #52120
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Wide-Angle Conversion Lens for Olympus waterproof cases with M52 screw mount.

*The camera’s angle of view increases from 28mm to 18mm (35mm film equivalent). (The lens can be used both on land and underwater. Can be attached and detached underwater).
*The lens is compatible with Olympus PT-045 /  PT-047 /  PT-048 /  PT-051 /  PT-52 / PT-053 /  PT-055 waterproof cases as of September2014

Click here for sample images  (all images were taken with a production sample)

[Lens] 3 elements in 3 groups
[Underwater angle of view] 85° (106.5°on land)
[Magnification] 0.65x
[Depth rating] 60m / 200ft
[Weight] Approx. 400g / 14oz (underwater: Approx. 230g / 8.1oz)
[Dimensions (DIAxD)] 97x47mm / 3.9x1.9inch
*When used on land, slight vignetting (dimming) may occur in the four corners of the image. Slightly zoom in to telephoto to eliminate vignetting.
*A shadow may appear in the image if the built-in flash is used when the wide-angle conversion lens is mounted. It is highly recommended that you use an external strobe.

Instruction Manual for "M52 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens"(1.14MB)

Sea&Sea M52 Wide-Angle Conversion Lens #52120
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