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Anthis Flash Optical Filter

Price: US$50
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Model: 29122
Manufacturer: Anthis

Anthis Flash Optical Filter
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Anthis Flash Optical Filter

The filter can prevent the light of internal flash goes through the lens

Size:  100mmX100mm

【Infra-Red Filter Instructions】

When shooting wide angle, external strobes triggered via internal flash through fiber optic without lens shade might cause light rays from internal flash directly reach the camera lens, potentially degrading image quality. If you encounter this problem, we suggest you attach Infra-Red Filter on internal flash or trigger external strobes through direct electrical connection.

▼About the filter

Trim the filter accurately in the same size as of the frame of internal flash. Attach the trimmed filter patch on the internal flash. The reduction in intensity of the light signal with respect to filter might affect the performance of external strobes.

▼Nexus Infra-Red Filter

Product:Infrared Filter Product Number:29122  100mmX100mm /1 piece

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